Violence against women is just not taken seriously enough

It is 2018 and amazing though it is in this day and age, a man who acknowledges he molests women is the president of this country. The same man has praised the Senate for forcing through the candidacy of another man accused of rape. The job accused stands to get is one for life. And somehow this isn’t stopping every woman in the country dead in her tracks.

Why aren’t all women angry?

How can it be all women are not out in protest? Plenty are, more than ever before in history, but still, it is not enough. Not enough of us have said enough. Not enough want to protect our mothers, aunts, sisters, nieces and ourselves from the threat. This threat is real. A woman is assaulted in the US every 98 seconds.

Men are believed but women aren’t

This is not to denigrate male victims in any way whatsoever, but it is remarkable that when a man accuses another of assault the default setting is to believe him. No matter that he makes his accusation years after the event. Remember Kevin Spacey? His career was finished the moment his accuser stood up.

The default for women, on the other hand, is not to believe them. Women are denigrated for not speaking up immediately. Women are denigrated when they name their attacker and when they don’t.

We speak of a man’s courage in accusing his attacker, but then we speak of a woman’s ruining his career. There are so many double standards that it is only possible to cycle back and ask why aren’t all women angrier?

Older women need to step up

In researching this, I came across an article in Teen Vogue. That’s the version of the fashion magazine which is aimed at people who 13-19. The article talks of women being angry but being historically taught to hide it.

It goes on to suggest a) that it is ok to be angry and b) that we have damn good reason to be angry. Applause to Teen Vogue for telling the next generation of women they are allowed to expect more and they should be vocal in getting it. Teen Vogue goes out of its way to attract male readers. Another reason to applaud them for telling young men the behavior of their elders is not acceptable.

For women’s sake vote

In November of this year, we go to the polls. More millennials than ever before will be old enough to vote. These are the people who Teen Vogue are talking too. Getting these women to vote will make all the difference.

If older women will stand by then we need this generation to do the work; that apparently we’re not able to say for ourselves.

If you are angry, then please, please get other there and vote. The only reason not to is either you don’t believe these women or you prefer it this way  – here’s a wake-up call you really need it.

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